Friday, August 14, 2009

Another Summer Memory From My Childhood

I have to stop doing this. For some reason lately, when I am trying to clear my mind for a minute between work, I have been looking up vintage items from my youth. Last week it was the rollerskate (see earlier blog posts)...this week, THE 1973 - 1978 PEPSI COLLECTORS GLASSES FROM MCDONALDS. Oooohhhh, how this takes me back to summers swimming at my grandmother's house. They were 99 degree days. I was learning to swim. These amazing glasses were BIG, held an entire bottle of soda WITH ice, and were the coolest thing since Wonder Bread. After getting them filled with Pepsi with our McDonalds meal, we would race home, wash them out and claim them as ours in the glasses cabinet. NO ONE WAS TO TOUCH THEM. Mine were Road Runner, Cool Cat and Pepe La Pew. My aunt Michelle had the Fog Horn - Leg Horn, Yosemite Sam, Daffy and Porky. We were cool, we were hydrated, and those were the 70's. I have a tip for McDonalds. Wanna bring back sales? BRING BACK THE REAL COLLECTORS GLASSES WITH A VALUE MEAL. People would come often to collect each one, they would feel like they were getting their money's worth with the $7.50 meal that you charge these days, and maybe, just maybe, my daughter would have a summer like mine collecting her very own glass memories that make her smile.

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  1. Wow- definitely a blast from the past! I totally forgot about those glasses! I think by the time my mom retired our glasses the color and design was worn off from washing!! Thanks for sharing!! ;)